Crowd Sourcing Genre Classification for the Viral Texts Project (work-in-progress), Summer 2017
Link: VT Crowdsource
For the Viral Text Project, a way for users to check my computational genre classification work and provide feedback.

Word Vector Analysis for Women Writers Online (work-in-progress), Summer 2017
Link: Word Vector Analysis
For the Women Writer’s Project, an online, user-friendly interface for exploring word vectors.

The Continuous Line: Visualizing the History of American Literary Journalism (work-in-progress), Spring 2017
As part of my dissertation, a timeline created by combining major literary journalism bibliographies. It shows, among other things, the various periods of literary journalism’s history and the lack of women writers in the canon.

A ‘Stunning’ Love Letter to Viral Texts, Viral Texts Project, Fall 2015
For the Viral Texts Project, an online exhibit featuring an annotated page from a nineteenth century newspaper showing reprints and providing context.

3D Printed Pattern Poems, Spring 2015
Link: Re-Presenting Early Modern Pattern Poems as Material Objects
3D printed early modern pattern poems. Presentation forthcoming at MLA 2018.

The InstaEssay Archive, Spring 2015 - Present
Link: The InstaEssay Archive
The only existing archive of the origins of Instagram journalism.